Camps for children and youth  up to 17 years. Methodically developed programs are several directions.

Leader camp SURVIVAL is a five-stage camp, formed to choose, prepare and develop "Idea group" young instructors. The instructors path starts from the lightest step, which gets a lot of useful information and memorable experiences, to most difficult.

Lithuania cognitive camp consist of more than a few steps. This year, we present the first one. Participants (especially those who live outside Lithuania) will march through South Lithuania from Vilnius to the beach with various activities and tasks: bike trip coastal path towards Nida, swimming in the sea, castles visits, archery in historical places and more.

Country cognitive camps for girls and boys from 12 to 17 years old. The camp consists of more than one stage abroad. At different stages - different countries, different activities. From history to active leisure. Applications developed methodically, that young people could take some useful information and experience to them. Impressions for all life. We recommend You sign up now! 

Camps SURVIVAL moments: 

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